About Cookies on this Website

Equitygroup.com.hk and Equitynet.com.hk use cookies to provide a better user experience.

Cookies are small text files that are received by your computer or other device when you visit our website. During your visit, they collect data that helps us understand how the site is being used and how it can be improved. Cookies also allow our website to ‘recognise’ your device and preferences so that it performs smoothly on your subsequent visits.

Read on for more details about cookies on this site:

Can cookies compromise my personal information?

You need not provide us with any personal information via this website. If you should do so, be assured that we will not share it with any unauthorised third parties.

However, the cookie does collect a limited amount of data on user behaviour which is provided to a third party analytics provider. These data are anonymous and are used for the sole purpose of refining the site for a better user experience.

Can others use cookies to gain access to my computer?

The cookies used on our site cannot interact with your computer or other device to any extent beyond what is described above. Neither we nor any other party can use the cookies to gain access to the material on your hard drive.

Can cookies compromise my security if I use a public computer?

No. By accepting our site’s cookie, the computer may only ‘know’ that one of its previous users has visited the site. Subsequent users cannot use the cookie to discover your identity or any other information.

Can I use your website without a cookie?

You may adjust your device’s browser settings so that it will not accept cookies from this site specifically, or from all the sites you visit.

Please be aware that our cookies enable and improve many of the functions on our site. Switching off the cookie may impair some site functions to varying extents.

Please read our Website Terms of Use to find out more about using this website.