CapabilitiesDelivering excellence 24/7

Diverse expertise with one core mission: Giving you a sharper business edge

Unlike other business and financial document providers, Equity doesn’t outsource. From concept to delivery – and every step in between – our projects are in-house.

For our clients, the benefits of working with a single team are obvious: direct communication, greater control and security, smoother progress and consistent quality. Having comprehensive expertise in-house also means Equity can tailor its teams to meet the precise requirements of each project.



Customer Services

Your single point of contact with our team, well-versed in keeping projects on track and on time.



A complete design team with an award-winning record of creating financial documents that combine clarity with distinct brand identity.



Our experienced typesetters ensure effective management of InDesign and Xyvision software for accurate and timely delivery of your documents.


Translation, Editing & Copywriting

Equity’s translation team is one of the largest and most experienced in the region with legal and financial documents, and also offers editorial services in English and Chinese.



A shareholding alliance gives Equity priority access to Hong Kong’s largest and most advanced digital and offset printing house, offering environmentally friendly options like FSC-certified paper and soy ink from a dedicated 14-storey facility in eastern Hong Kong Island.


Global Network

Equity can deliver globally through its seamless alliances in London, Singapore, New York and other major financial hubs.


Information Security & Risk Management

Equity is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified to assure quality management and security of price sensitive and proprietary client information.


Market Insight

Our sales and marketing team works to ensure clients’ financial documents meet statutory deadlines while aligning with strategy, corporate image and values.



Our integrated project approach enables superior coordination and control over time and cost, ensuring consistent on-time delivery and replenishment of your vital financial documents.